School of Little Scholars - Our Program


Preschoolers are like sponges, they soak up knowledge. Our pre-school program coupled with low teacher-to-child ratio ratios and small class sizes allow our children to experience a child-centered, hands-on learning environment. Our careful designed curriculum includes science, language arts, math, practical life, art, music, and motor development.

As well as careful planned field trips and on-site special events and demonstrations. All aspects of the program take place in a relaxed, nurturing atmosphere. The wonders of learning are conducted in a positive, caring manner in which self-esteem takes precedence. We encourage our children whenever possible to learn to make their own decisions and to solve problems with guidance when necessary or desirable.

Our teachers prepare classroom lesson plans with monthly themes, allowing parents to follow along and be a part of the daily educational activities of their children. Our daily schedules and curriculum calendars are flexible; our capable, caring teachers follow cues provided by the children for directed learning which may alter the planned course.


Getting ready to move up to kindergarten is exciting - and we want your child to stay excited about learning. So while we increase the focus on math, science, language and social studies, we make sure it's presented with a big dose of fun.

Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum helps children develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they'll need to succeed in kindergarten, school and life. Teachers plan lessons to strength understanding of basic academic concepts through exploration, investigation and play. And of course, we make sure they learn all they need to be successful students in kindergarten and beyond. We provide a place where children can challenge themselves and enjoy the thrill of discovery as they look forward to school.


The core classes offered at School of Little Scholars include Enhanced Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Cursive Handwriting, and Public Speaking), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.
The teachers at Little Scholars use Macmillan/McGraw-Hill's curriculum for the core subjects because its programs contain three levels of instruction (Extend, Practice, and Re-teach) that are consistent with the school's mission to teach each child. These levels permit teachers to easily locate work components that are suitable for children achieving at different levels. At the same time it provides appropriate instruction to the class as a whole. All of the curriculum at Little Scholars fully meets the designated California state standards, and typically exceeds the standards.

As a progressive institution of Kindergarten education, School of Little Scholars believes that it must focus on education that addresses the individual needs of each student. All students come to our school with vastly different personalities, backgrounds, strengths, and weaknesses. Learning abilities are dynamic and vary significantly from child to child. An optimal approach to teaching our students rests in our ability to recognize the differences in our students and to find the means to address and meet these unique characteristics.

The teachers of Little Scholars utilize many of the same instructional strategies to engage each child in his or her quest for education. Getting to know each child requires the careful and attentive processes of observing and guiding students in different forums of learning. At Little Scholars, the teachers engage and educate students in whole classroom units, small groups (3 or 4 children), partners (2 children), and a one-on-one basis (teacher and student). Teachers carefully analyze the dynamics of their class before a lesson is planned and executed. This analysis reflects each of three learning styles: tactile, auditory, and visual.

Ten Indicators of School Readiness
o Knows how to communicate needs
o Separates from parents without excessive anxiety
o Shares and takes turns with reminders
o Follows simple directions and completes tasks
o Identifies primary colors and basic shapes
o Counts to ten or higher
o Copies some letters or numbers
o Traces or draws a line with some control
o Helps dress him/herself
o Creates a four or five block tower

After School Enrichment Program

A Safe Place Before and After School
School of Little Scholars' Before and After School Program provides the perfect combination and educational activities for a well-balanced out-of-school experience. Each day, children excited about the wide range of engaging, hands-on activities that allow them to develop their interests and skills.
The Before and After School Program includes:

Performing Arts - Boogieoogieoogie
Under the instruction of professional dancer, participants will experience the wonder and magic of theatre in fun filled workshops where participants will discover much about themselves and others through storytelling, acting, singing, dancing, improvisation and more.

Spanish and Mandarin
Participants will be exposed to both Spanish and Mandarin languages and culture through activity based program in an enjoyable and educational manner. Participants will experience songs, games and writing activities.

Sports and Recreational Activities
Participants will engage in several traditional and non-traditional sports every day. Activities can include basketball, baseball, flag football, soccer, as well as Frisbee golf, dance, tumbling and parachute activities.

Piano íV Music in Nature
Coming soon...

Enhanced Arts and Crafts
The Little Scholars art program will explore fascinating art aspects and techniques including use of colors, paper folding, pop-ups, puppetry, beading, wire, stitchery, and more. Art work will be displayed for all to enjoy.

Homework/Quiet Time
Thirty minutes for homework completion. If your child doesn't have homework, quiet reading activity, puzzle construction or completion of an art-inspired activity will be provided in respond to their ever expanding mind.

As well as physical activity time for your child's bodies what they need, while connecting with friends to talk about their day at school.

Summer Camp - "A Lifetime of Memories"

Let's have fun, play, and learn all summer long. Enroll you child in our summer program -Camp Little Scholars - for an exciting new experience. Our field trip and exciting themes will keep your children happy until school starts again in fall. At Camp Little Scholars, children will explore the wonders of nature, visit wild and exotic animals, and interactive hand-on projects, which make one of kind experience he will remember forever.